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Insulated vs Uninsulated Garage Doors: Which is Right for You?

insulated vs uninsulated garage doors

Insulated vs Uninsulated Garage Doors: In the earlier years, garages have become a place where people do not only keep their cars, but also other items, and spend quite a bit of time.

So, it is a must that the garage is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

One of the ways you can ensure this is by installing the right garage doors in it, for example, insulated or uninsulated garage doors.

Insulated garage doors have layers of insulating materials in between their panels. This prevents the garage from being affected by weather conditions.

On the other hand, uninsulated garage doors have no such layer in between them, which makes them cheaper, and suitable for moderate weather.

Insulated vs Uninsulated Garage Doors

Garage doors play a lot of diversified roles in people’s lives nowadays.

The days when they were only used to protect the cars are long gone.

Now they protect the garage as well as the entire home and provide much-needed comfort and efficiency to the garage.

Based on efficiency, there are two types of garage doors: Insulated and uninsulated garage doors.

Now, which one is better?

Here is a comparison of insulated vs uninsulated garage doors:

1. Comfort

As mentioned above, insulated garage doors have a layer of insulation either between their panels or over them.

These insulating layers are usually made of polyurethane or polystyrene.

The layers don’t allow heat or cold to enter the garage, which keeps it comfortable to stay in.

This is one of the main benefits of insulated garage doors. 

On the other hand, non-insulated garage doors have no such layers in them, so they can’t keep out the extreme weather conditions to a good extent.

This makes the garage uncomfortable to stay in during hot summers and cold winters. 

2. Energy efficiency

Since insulated garage doors don’t allow extreme heat or cold to enter the garage, you won’t need to use your AC or heating too much.

As a result, your house will consume less energy, making it energy efficient. 

Uninsulated garage doors don’t have any protective layers, so heat and cold can enter the garage easily.

This will result in you having to increase the use of your HVAC units, causing energy inefficiency. 

3. Reducing noise

Another underrated aspect of insulated garage doors is noise reduction.

The insulating layers of these doors absorb most of the noise coming from outside.

As a result, you can stay in your garage without any annoyance. 

Uninsulated garage doors have no such layers, so they don’t absorb much noise.

So, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, this might be a factor you should look at. 

4. Durability

In general, insulated garage doors are thicker, as they have multiple layers, and they also are made of thicker materials.

This makes the doors more durable and stronger.

The insulation layers not only add rigidity and strength to insulated garage doors, but they also absorb a lot of force when someone or something barges into the door. 

Non-insulated garage doors are usually made of a single panel, which makes them less durable and strong than insulated garage doors.

These doors are also quite prone to getting damaged by rough weather conditions. 

5. Cost

The final major factor you need to consider while installing garage doors to your garage is the cost of insulated garage doors vs uninsulated ones.

Insulated garage doors are typically more expensive than uninsulated garage doors, or at least this is the case upfront.

But over the years, they save a lot of money in maintenance and energy bills, which makes them more cost-effective than uninsulated garage doors. 

Here is a table of the pros and cons of insulated garage doors as well as uninsulated ones to help you. 

Insulated Garage doors Uninsulated garage doors
Makes garages more comfortable Makes garages uncomfortable
Energy efficient Energy inefficient
Absorbs noise Doesn’t absorb noise
Durable and strong Less durable
More expensive upfront Cheaper upfront
Insulated vs Uninsulated Garage doors
insulated vs uninsulated garage doors

Final Words

If there is anything that is to learn about the above comparison of insulated vs uninsulated garage doors, it’s that these doors don’t suit the same criteria.

Insulated garage doors are more suitable for people living in places where summers are extremely hot, and winters are very cold. On the other hand, uninsulated garage doors are best for people living in moderate weather conditions.

No matter what the door type is, we provide premium quality garage door installation services. Call us today and get your garage door installed.


Will an insulated garage door make a noticeable difference in energy savings?

Yes, insulated garage doors will make noticeable changes in your energy savings.
They will reduce the use of your need to use the HVAC units of your house, resulting in a reduction in energy bills.

Can an uninsulated garage door be upgraded to an insulated one?

Some uninsulated garage doors can be upgraded to insulated ones, depending on their model.
If you want to convert your uninsulated garage door to an insulated door, you should consult with a professional beforehand.

Does an insulated garage door require more maintenance?

In general, insulated and uninsulated garage doors require a similar amount of maintenance.
While the insulating materials of insulated garage doors might seem to need more maintenance, the panels and other parts of the uninsulated garage doors also need similar maintenance.


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