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Are Black Garage Doors A Bad Idea – What You Should Know!

Since garage doors uphold and enhance the aesthetics of a house, people always look for the best color of paint for them. Painting a garage door with paint that has a color that suits the door’s style and the exterior of the building goes a long way to increase the curb appeal of the house.

But, despite black being one of the most elegant and classy colors, we often recommend you not to use it.

So, are black garage doors a bad idea? Yes, they are, because not only do they make the garage warmer by absorbing a lot of heat, but they also cause it to be energy efficient. Also, the stains and dirt on black garage doors stand out more than on any other garage door colors. 

Let’s take a detailed look at why you shouldn’t paint your garage door black. 

Why painting garage doors black is a bad idea

black garage doors

Black has been associated with class, elegance, and style for a long, long time. So, painting your garage doors black should be a no-brainer. After all, as far as aesthetics go, not many colors can compete with black.

But you should not paint your garage door black, as most garage door experts would recommend. Does a black garage door look good? Yes, there is no doubt about it.

So, why shouldn’t you paint it black? Here are a few reasons why –

1. Making the garage hot

Making the garage hot

Anything black, or painted black absorbs a lot of heat. This also goes for a black garage door. Irrespective of what the material of the door is, painting it black will mean it will absorb a lot more heat than any other color. 

As a result, the interior of your garage will become uncomfortably warm, which will make it nearly impossible to stay in it in the summer. 

2. Making the garage energy inefficient

garage energy inefficient

Since black garage doors make the garage extremely warm, you have to use your HVAC units a lot more than you used to. This means the units have to work for a longer time than usual and consume more energy.

This will make the garage, and by extension, your home energy inefficient. You also have to pay a lot more money for energy bills than before. 

3. Making the stains more visible

Garage doors are bound to have dirt and other stains on them since they are used frequently.

But that doesn’t mean they have to be visible at all times. A black garage door does exactly that, as even the smallest of stains become visible on them. This harms the aesthetics of the garage, as well as the home.

Also, having visible stains all the time means you have to clean the door more often, which is tiresome. 

4. Causing wooden doors to warp

Wooden garage doors are not as prevalent in the USA now as they were before because of their propensity to warp due to heat. You can make matters worse by painting your wooden garage door black since black doors get warmer faster than other doors.

This causes the door to warp quicker, causing you to repair or replace it. 

5. Making the house look smaller

Another often neglected reason for not painting a garage door black is they make your home look smaller. This is one of the most crucial points in the debate about black or white garage doors.

While white garage doors go with almost all exterior paints of a home, black doors don’t. They also make your house look a lot smaller, which is not something you would have been going for. 

6. Fading more quickly

Since black paints absorb a lot of sunlight and heat, it causes them to fade faster than other paints. As a result, you have to paint your garage door more often, which costs a lot of money.

This not only is quite expensive but also has a big negative impact on the curb appeal of the home. 

What is the best color for garage doors?

Now that we have established that black isn’t a good color for garage doors, let’s take a look at what the best colors are. 

  • White
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Final Words

If you are a new homeowner, or you haven’t repainted your garage door, it is very normal for you to ask “are black garage doors a bad idea?”.

Paint your garage door anything but black, and avoid wasting valuable time and resources on it.


1. Are black garage doors more expensive?

Yes, black garage doors are more expensive, but the reason might not be what you think. Since black garage doors absorb huge amounts of heat, they cause increased energy bills. They also need to be cleaned and repainted more often. Finally, they cause wooden doors to warp. All of these increase the cost of having a black garage door. 

2. Are black garage doors trending?

Yes, despite the disadvantages of having black garage doors, they are very much trending. Their popularity can be attributed to their aesthetics and people’s lack of knowledge about their drawbacks. 

3. What is the best dark color for garage doors?

Just because black garage doors are a bad idea, doesn’t mean you can’t have dark-colored garage doors. Burgundy and navy blue are two of the most popular and best dark colors for garage doors. 

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