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Top 15 Garage Door Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know!

garage doors safety tips

Do you know 10% of burglars enter the home through the garage? Are you sure your garage is safe enough? 

The garage door is an essential component of our homes that help keep our belongings and vehicles safe. But it’s important to remember that they can also be dangerous if not properly maintained or operated. 

That’s why to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. It’s important to maintain some garage door safety tips. 

So let’s look at some crucial garage door safety tips you can follow to avoid any inconvenience regarding your garage door safety. 

1. Keep Garage Door Opener Out of Reach of Children

Garage Door Opener Out of Reach of Children

This is one of the most important garage door safety tips you should follow. Never keep your door opener in the wrong hands, especially kids. Make sure your kids don’t find the remote and play with that.

Children are curious and can accidentally press the button on the opener, causing the door to close on them or their toys.

2. Prepare for Emergencies

garage door emergencies red cord

Are you aware of the emergency switch of your garage door? In case of an emergency or accident, it might be necessary to open your garage door quickly.

To avoid any delay, you should know where the emergency release feature is on your garage door before facing any emergencies.

3. Be Cautious Around Garage Doors

keep young children away from garage door

Never walk, step, run, or play around the garage door while opening or closing. It is essential to keep young children away from them and instruct them on the dangers of playing around them. 

Garage doors can malfunction, causing them to close or open suddenly, and anything or anyone caught in their path may suffer harm. 

4. Inspect Garage Door Components

Inspect Garage Door Components

Garage door opener safety is essential to prevent accidents and injuries. To ensure the security of your family and pets, you should inspect the different garage door components, like- springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys, regularly.

Keep a schedule every month to check all the components properly. 

5. Test Auto-Reverse

Test garage door auto reverse

Regularly checking your garage door’s auto-reverse function is crucial for maintaining a safe environment around your home. You can easily test it with a roll of paper towels and ensure it works as intended. 

Children and pets are often the primary victims of garage door accidents, and the auto-reverse function can be a lifesaver in such situations.

6. Check the Sensors

garage door sensors

You must check the garage door safety sensor regularly. These sensors are usually located at the bottom of the garage door and are identified by black boxes, usually accompanied by a small red light.  

In most cases, when the sensors are not properly aligned, the garage door may not open or close correctly. That’s why checking the sensors helps avoid unnecessary damage and expenses arising from malfunction. 

7. Visual Inspection

garage door visual inspection

Look over your door and check if all the parts are working perfectly. Familiarize yourself with the springs, cables, pulleys, bolts, and rollers through a visual inspection or by reading the owner’s manual.  

You may not be a professional, but knowing all of these can help you to call for professional help in time. 

Any signs of wear and tear should be addressed promptly, but never attempt to fix them yourself. It is recommended to call a professional to handle any repairs or maintenance to avoid risks.

8. Watch your Fingers!

fingers in between garage door sections

Never place your fingers in between garage door sections that can lead to severe injuries, and it’s essential to educate children about it. 

Kids must be taught to keep their hands and fingers away to avoid garage doors’ potential hazards. You can install garage doors with non-pinch panels to ensure added safety for their children.

9. Don’t Leave Door Agape

avoid garage door partially open

Never leave your garage door partially open, as it can pose a safety and security threat to your home. An open door provides easy access for individuals to enter without permission. 

Even a partially open door could cause harm to someone trying to go underneath it. So always ensure your garage door is completely closed and secured to prevent unwanted access or accidents. 

10. Unplug Your Garage Door When You’re Away

Unplug your garage door opener

Unplug your garage door when you are away from your home for an extended period of time. Cause burglars can access automatic garage doors to break-ins. 

Even you must ensure that the manual locks on your doors are secured and your garage door opener is out of sight. Also, close all of your windows and doors before you leave. 

11. Change your Garage Door Code Regularly

garage door codes

Regularly changing the standard codes of your garage door opener and your remotes can significantly improve the security of your home. This precaution helps prevent the possibility of someone gaining access to your garage without permission. 

You can even opt for a rolling code opener that changes the access code every time it is used. 

12. Keep the Garage Door Code Secret

It is crucial to keep the code for your garage door opener a secret, even if it is a detached garage. 

Revealing the code can compromise the safety of your home, especially if there is a door connecting the garage to the inside of your home. 

13. Prevent Invasion

Prevent Invasion

To prevent invasion, the garage door is the first line of defense against intruders. Locking the entry door from your garage door remote can prevent them from entering your home. 

Avoid leaving your garage door remotes with unfamiliar individuals like parking attendants. You can keep track of your remotes by adding them to your keychain, ensuring they always remain with you. 

14. Learn How to Operate It Manually

how to operate garage door manually

Power outages or malfunctioning can disrupt the operation of a garage door, rendering it useless. Knowing how to operate the door manually can save time and ensure your home’s security. 

Learning how to operate the door without power is essential, and you can easily learn from the owner’s manual. 

This knowledge can also help you troubleshoot the door’s mechanical problems and determine if you need to call a garage door repair technician

15. Invest in a heavy garage door

heavy garage door

Investing in a heavy garage door is a smart choice for homeowners who value both insulation and security. Heavy doors made of solid-core wood or reinforced steel provide adequate protection from intrusion and offer better insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs. 

It’s worth considering a heavy door that is durable, energy-efficient, and stylish to improve your home’s safety, comfort, and value.


Garage door safety is crucial to protect your family and property from potential accidents or intruders. Following these garage door safety tips, you can ensure your garage door remains a safe and reliable barrier for your home.

If you need garage door repair, we’re happy to help you to repair, install or upgrade your door anytime. 

Garage Door Safety Tips


What is garage door safety?

Garage door safety refers to the measures taken to prevent accidents or injuries due to a malfunctioning garage door. 

What is the best safety door material?

The steel garage door is often considered the best material for safety doors due to its strength and resistance to impact and forced entry. It can also be fitted with extra security features like-  reinforced frames, deadbolts, and security bars. 

How durable is a garage door?

Garage doors are designed to be durable and withstand daily wear and tear. A well-maintained garage door can last between 15-30 years.

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