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Step-by-Step Guide: How to close garage door manually

how to close garage door manually

“How to close garage door manually” – like all other machines, have quite a few parts, no matter what type of door you have. These parts play a vital role in ensuring the door moves smoothly and safely.

But sometimes automatic garage doors stop working properly due to the failure of a few parts. This is when you should know how to close garage door manually.

To manually close a garage door, you first have to remove everything out of the way for safety reasons. Then, you have to locate and pull the emergency cord to detach the door from the opener.

Then you need to slightly lift the door upwards, and then lower it gently to close it. Once the door is closed, you should re-attach the opener or call a professional to help you. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to close a garage door manually.

how to close garage door manually

Automatic garage doors have been a blessing in people’s lives ever since they came to be. These doors are easier to operate due to having motorized parts. But sometimes due to some reasons, these parts malfunction and cause the garage door to stop working.

When that happens, instead of waiting with your door open, you need to know how to close a garage door manually and then wait for a professional to come to work on it. 

Follow these simple steps to how to manually close a garage door. 

1. Clearing the way

The first step in how to manually close a garage door without power is to clear its path. Remove any debris, stone, etc from below the door. Also, it is very, very important not to have anyone or anything valuable directly under the door.

This is for the safety of everyone and everything since the door can suddenly come down while working. 

2. Locating and Pulling the emergency cord

Once you have cleared the area under the garage door, you have to locate the emergency release cord. This is a red cord that usually is situated on the inside of the garage. As it hangs from the garage door opener, it is quite easy to locate. 

Once you have located the release cord, you have to pull it firmly. This will detach the garage door from its opener, which will not only ensure the door will be easier to pull down but will also make sure the door will not suddenly come down when you are working on it. 

garage door

3. Closing the door manually

After detaching the garage door from its opener, you can now close your garage door manually. To do that, stand under the door, slightly away from it to keep yourself safe. Next, you have to slightly lift the door, so that it can come down on its own.

Once the door starts to come down, you should keep a hold on it. Then keep slowly lowering the door until it touches the ground. This will ensure the door will not suddenly come down on the floor, causing damage to life and property. 

4. Re-attaching the garage door opener

After lowering the garage door to the ground slowly, you should re-attach the door to its opener. If the power to the door is temporarily out, then re-engaged the door should make it work again.

Even if that isn’t the case, attaching the door will make things easier for the professionals who will help fix your door. 

5. Consulting with a professional

If you can’t get your garage door moving after attaching the opener, you have to call a professional to fix the door. You might need to have a few parts changed or fixed, or the entire door might need to be replaced.

No matter what it is, book the services of a professional garage door repair service to have a look at your door. 

Final Words 

“How to close garage door manually” – no matter how high-end they are, are prone to malfunctioning. Sometimes handling them with the garage door opener still connected can be quite harmful, so you need to know how to close garage doors manually.

Once you have done so, call us immediately to deal with your garage door’s issues. 


When should you close your garage door manually?

There are a few cases when you should know how to close the garage door manually from the outside. These are:
– The door is not closing properly due to damaged garage door springs. 
– The garage door is not fully closing because of broken cables
– The door opener doesn’t have any power due to a power outage.

Can you shut a garage door without power?

Yes, even if you don’t have power in your automatic garage door, you can shut it. All you must do is follow the guide we provided above.

Why is my garage door not responding to my remote?

There can be a couple of reasons for garage doors not responding to a remote. First, the batteries of the remote might be out of power. Next, the remote might itself be damaged and need fixing or replacing.

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