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What You Need To Know About Garage Door Repair Costs!

garage door repair cost

Depending on their type, garage doors have quite a few moving parts. Like all other things with moving parts, garage doors also suffer from damages, either from the parts being damaged, or the door itself being damaged by either the car or rough weather conditions, necessitating immediate repair. This is where the knowledge of garage door repair costs comes in handy. 

The garage door repair cost in the US ranges from $150 to $375 on average. But many factors can either drive up the cost or reduce it. These factors include the door type, the material from which it is made, and the parts of the door. Also, some doors can’t be repaired, and you have to replace them if they are damaged. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the repair costs of various garage doors. 

How much does a garage door tune-up cost?

cost of garage door repair

Garage doors play a very important role in not only maintaining the curb appeal of a home but also providing security to the house. This is why when these doors are inevitably damaged for some reason, they need to be repaired immediately. In this case, knowing the cost of garage door repair will help you a lot. 

In the USA, the average cost for garage door repair is between $150 to $375. But remember, this range of cost is anything but fixed, as a lot of factors can alter it. These factors include: 

Type of garage door

different Types of garage door

The type plays a very big role in determining how much you have to pay for the cost of fixing the garage door. Let’s take a look

  • Roller doors: Roller or roll-up garage doors are one of the most popular garage doors in the country. Because these doors have a lot of moving parts, when they are damaged, it can cost you quite a lot of money. Especially if the doors are custom, the garage door repair prices can be even higher. 
  • Sectional garage doors: Sectional garage doors are yet another popular garage door in the US. These doors also have many moving parts, which are susceptible to getting damaged due to many reasons. The average cost to fix a garage door depends on which parts have been damaged. 
  • Tilt-up garage doors: Unlike sectional garage doors, tilt-up garage doors don’t have more than one section. Instead, they have only one panel, so when it is damaged, there isn’t much room to repair it. In this case, you need to replace the entire door, which drives the average cost to repair the garage door up.
  • One-panel garage doors: One-panel garage doors, as their name suggests, are also made of only a single panel. As a result, just like til-up doors, they have to replace once they are damaged. Doing so might cost you between $400 to $1200. 
  • Carriage garage doors: These doors are one of the most traditional garage doors, and hence, don’t have a lot of moving parts. As a result, repairing them can be quite costly. Once a carriage garage door gets damaged, you might have to replace it, which will cost between $1000 to $10000. 

Material of garage door

Material of garage door

The material of the garage door also has a big hand in determining the overhead garage door repair cost. Some doors are cheap to repair, while others are quite expensive. Take a peek at the costs of repairing these doors according to their material.

  • Steel garage doors: Steel is one of the most common, popular, and readily available materials in the world. This is why, repairing steel garage doors is a lot cheaper than most other doors. You have to pay around  $250 to $700 for steel garage door repair
  • Aluminum garage doors: Aluminum is also one of the most used and available materials for garage doors. Because of this, you can cheaply repair your aluminum garage door for between $150 to $600. 
  • Fiberglass garage doors: Fiberglass garage doors are one of the most durable garage doors in the market. The repair cost of fiberglass doors is fairly moderate, as you need to pay around $550 to repair them. 
  • Wood garage doors: Wooden garage doors are one of the most traditional and delicate garage doors in the market. As a result, when they are damaged, it is very difficult to repair them without harming their aesthetics. This increases the garage door tune-up cost, which can range between $250 to $1000. 

Garage door parts

One of the biggest factors that influence the repair cost for garage doors is the garage door parts. Based on different garage door parts, the repair cost of garage doors will differ. Here are a few of them. 

  • Panels: The cost to repair garage door panels is the highest of all the parts. Once a panel is damaged, you might have to pay around $350 to $1500. 
  • Glass: Once the glass windows of your garage door are damaged, you have to replace them. The replacement cost of garage door glass can be in the range of $100-$200. 
  • Garage door springs: The springs of the garage door are one of its most important parts, as they ensure the door closes and opens smoothly. Some garage door springs are irreparable when damaged, and have to be replaced, while others can be repaired. The garage door spring repair cost can be between $180 to $450. 

Final Words

Knowing about garage door repair costs will help you a lot when it comes to planning for repair and maintenance. Once you identify what part of your garage door you need repairing, you should call us to book our garage door repair services


1. How much is the garage door auto-reverse repair cost?

The cost of repairing the auto-reverse function of your garage door can range between $50 to $550, depending on a few factors. 

2. How much is the garage door chain repair cost?

The average cost to repair the garage door chain is around $150 to $200. The lion’s share of this cost is the labor cost. 

3. Can I repair my garage door by myself?

If you don’t have the experience and the skills, it is better not to try and repair your garage door yourself. Doing so can have serious effects, such as injuries.

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