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9 Main Causes Of Garage Door Damage

Causes Of Garage Door Damage

Garage doors need to be in proper shape to be able to not only increase the curb appeal of your home but also provide it with safety. But like everything else, your garage doors are subjected to various damages over the years, for multiple reasons. These kinds of garage door damage can sometimes be fatal, which means you need to repair them ASAP. 

There are quite a few common types of damage your garage door suffers. Two of the most common types of damage they suffer are broken springs and cables. The doors might also get misaligned, and their rollers and other hardware might get worn down. You can also damage your garage door by backing your car up against it. 

Let’s take a detailed look at different types of garage door damage. 

What are the main garage door damages?

Nowadays, garage doors have increased roles which makes them essential to both the aesthetics and the security of your home. But sometimes all of these come under threat, as like most other pieces of equipment, the garage door also gets damaged for various reasons. For the sake of your home’s safety and curb appeal, you need to know what these damages are. 

Here is a list of the most common garage door issues you might face as a homeowner. 

1. Broken springs

garage door Broken springs

Garage door springs act as counterweights which help the huge doors to open and close without any issues. Since the pressure on these springs is too much, they can often get damaged, or break, causing the garage door to be rendered useless. Sometimes a broken spring might cause the door to come crashing down, causing serious damage to both life and property. 

2. Broken Cables

Garage door cables are yet another part of the door that helps open and close the door properly. These cables can also get damaged due to various reasons, which cause the door to not work smoothly, or at all. Sometimes they break or snap due to the immense weight they have to support, or when they are worn down due to age, rust, or lack of lubrication. 

3. Damage due to car backed into the garage door

hit the garage door with a car

This is one of the most common causes of garage door damage. Sometimes it might happen when you accidentally back up, and hit the garage door with a car, which will dent the door at the very least. Also, if you have children playing in your garage or outside it, they may throw themselves or heavy objects on the door, causing it to be severely damaged.

When garage doors are damaged due to impact, not only does their functionality suffer, but so does their curb appeal due to bent garage door panels. This type of damage can also hurt your car and children if the impact is too heavy. 

4. Weather damage

Garage doors also get damaged by adverse weather conditions. Sometimes due to heavy storms, the wind can cause the garage door to be dented, or damaged in some other ways. Also, extended exposure to rainwater and snow can cause the garage door and its parts to rust, and corrode. 

Also, if your garage door is made of wood, not only water can cause it to rot and corrode, but heat will also cause to it warp, damaging the door as well as its parts. But don’t worry, as our garage door repair service also does wood garage door damage repair. 

5. Misaligned door

Garage Door Tracks

As garage doors are used daily, they sometimes shift from their tracks. This causes severe issues, as the door won’t be able to move properly on its tracks, and sometimes they won’t move at all. As a result, not only will your home’s aesthetics be hurt, but the house will also be vulnerable to burglary and robbery. 

6. Worn-down rollers

Rollers are small metal wheels that roll along the tracks to ensure the garage door opens and closes smoothly. These rollers, like any other metal parts, get worn down as time goes on, either due to rust, a lack of lubrication, or age. As a result, the garage door in your home won’t operate smoothly. 

7. Faulty sensors

garage door sensors

Garage door sensors are put in place so that the door doesn’t come down on someone or something when they’re under the door. Sometimes due to them being damaged,  dirty, or misaligned, the sensors don’t work well. This cause the door to close partially and go back right up. 

8. Electrical issues

If you have an automatic garage door, then you will almost certainly have electrical issues. These problems can range from the garage door remote not working, the garage door opener is out of battery or its motor not working, etc. 

So, can a damaged garage door be repaired? Yes, all you have to do is book our garage door repair services to fix electrical issues. 

9. Lack of maintenance

Last, but not least, a very common cause of garage door damage is not maintaining your garage doors properly and regularly. You need to perform maintenance checks on your garage door regularly, which will help you identify various issues that can cause issues down the line. As a result, you can avoid various problems before they even happen. 

You can either maintain your garage door yourself, or you can hire our garage door maintenance service to do it for you, and keep both you and your property safe. 

Final Words

Garage door damages can range from annoying to downright horrifying if they are not dealt with as soon as possible. But you can only take immediate action if you know about the damages beforehand. Once you read our analysis, perform a maintenance check on your garage door and see if there is anything wrong with it.


1. Does homeowners insurance cover garage door damage by your car?

In general, most of the damage suffered by your garage doors will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. But if the damage is done by your car, then it will not be covered by this garage door damage insurance policy. 

2. Can a power outage damage a garage door opener?

Yes, a power outage can damage a garage door opener. Sometimes the opener. Sometimes the sudden burst of power can fry the energy outlets or the motors of the garage door, which will make it impossible to open until fixed. 

3. What would cause a garage door to fall?

One of the scariest results of garage doors getting damaged is the door falling on someone or something under it. There are a couple of reasons this might happen, such as a broken spring, or broken cables. 

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